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Row over Medway city status

Fri 11 June 2010, 12:36 pm

A row over city status for Medway is set to hit the High Street this weekend. (Sourced from Medway Messenger.)
Medways Green Party members plan to campaign against the proposal in Chatham on Saturday at 10am.

They say Rochester chould regain its city status which was lost in 1998.

Party member Simon Marchant said: “The council have tried this before without success.

“At the moment all we have is propoganda from the council sying it will be lovely and nice, and great things will happen. Will they?

“Constitutional changes of this size should not go through on the nod, especially if driven by this most undemocratic of councils.”

But Cllr Rodney Chambers, Leader of the Conservatives who announced the bid for 2012 Jubilee City status, said: “We recently asked residents if they support the bid and 68 per cent of people say they do.

“Unlike the Green Party, I believe that Medway is aspirational and forward looking and should receive the recognition it deserves."

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